True 7-Layer IT Solution Provider

“We secure and protect your technology, hardware, and information from malicious breaches and attacks.”

Who Are We?

We are a company that understands our clients’ needs.

At Heptagon Information Technology, we understand that our customers’ reputation depends on the security and availability of their IT systems and we are fully committed to deliver Network Engineering, Cyber Security, and Unified Communications Services that provide both. IT is confusing. Cyber security is complicated. Considering Unified Communication is challenging. Network design is downright perplexing. But it’s all necessary. When you’re ready to take your IT seriously, we’re your guys (and girls).

We offer services that ensure safe and secure connection at all times

Unified Communications

Network Engineering

Cyber Security

Managed Services

Located in Montgomery Alabama, we cater to a wide variety of clientele

Here at Heptagon, we are sure to maintain the qualifications and certifications necessary to provide you with our services

Heptagon In Action

Here at Heptagon we try to stay active in the local tech community.