Heptagon Information Technology

We secure and protect your technology, hardware and information from malicious breaches and attacks.

At Heptagon Information Technology, our goal is simple: to secure and protect your technology, hardware and information from malicious breaches and attacks. But while the goal is simple, the implementation can be difficult – that’s why we’re the go-to information technology company for government agencies and high-profile corporations throughout the U.S.

We get it – IT is confusing. Cyber security is complicated. Hardware installation is downright perplexing. But it’s all necessary.

When you’re ready to take your IT seriously, we’re your guys (and girls).

Federal, state and local government agencies are increasingly attractive targets for cyber-attacks. These cyber offenders continue to grow bolder, more capable and better funded over time. At Heptagon, we help you mitigate that risk.
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We employ a four-phase approach to cyber security.

Our methods don’t have you jumping in with both feet all at once. We ensure the cyber security basics are covered before moving into more in-depth security measures. In short, you excel at each level before moving on (much like in your video games).

“It is much simpler to try and understand a customer’s issues, concerns, and what you can do to help them in the beginning, rather than assuming you know what they want and trying to fix a broken relationship later. At Heptagon, we always try to put ourselves in the customer’s position in order to try and determine the best way forward working with them.”

Darrell GrayHeptagon IT Founding Member and CEO

“Whether it is critical customer information, proprietary innovation, or your overall business reputation, at Heptagon we understand a lot is riding on the security and availability of your IT systems.”

Darrell JonesHeptagon IT CTO and Principal Engineer

“Your expertise, commitment and dedication directly contributed to the total success of the highly complex and critical Kunsan Air Base, Korea, Combined Communications Facility (CCF) project in such a demanding schedule. Thanks for your outstanding service!"

Steve CoughlanVice President, Global Solutions Division