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"We secure and protect your technology, hardware, and information from malicious breaches and attacks"

Who Are We?

We are a company that understands our clients’ needs, and we know how to meet those needs.

At Heptagon Information Technology, we understand that our customers’ reputation depends on the security and availability of their IT systems. We provide Network Engineering, Cyber Security, and Unified Communications Services that ensure that security and availability. IT can be confusing, Cyber security can be complicated, and Network design can be downright perplexing, but all of them are necessary. When you’re ready to take your IT seriously, we’re your partner.

We offer services that ensure safety and security at all times.

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We are based out of Montgomery Alabama, but we cater to a wide variety of clientele both locally and nationally.

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Here at Heptagon, we are sure to maintain the qualifications and certifications necessary to provide you with our services.

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Start your career in IT today!

We are always looking to fill new and ongoing positions.

Systems Engineer (SIEM/Elastic)

Job description 5+ years of Elasticsearch stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Beats, Kibana) experience Windows, Linux, CentOS and/or Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) experience Experience with data ingest, Extract, Transform, and Load

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NSIS Network Engineer AFSN

Job Duties: Conduct physical site surveys and report on findings. Perform Network Discovery for wired and wireless infrastructure. Implement and integrate multi-vendor upgrades. Troubleshoot and resolve network issues. Installing and

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BITI Recap Network Engineer AFSN

    Job Duties: Physically Survey Communications Equipment Location (CELs). Provide a Network Discovery Checklist that identifies network discovery activities that were completed during the site survey. Discovery activities include

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Heptagon In Action

Here at Heptagon we try to stay active in the local tech community, because we understand the importance of forming relationships with the people and companies around us.

Another amazing Heptagon IT day at AUBix. Creating real-world data storage solutions that make sense.