We are fully equipped to protect your network from ongoing attack.

Heptagon Information Technology

Our federal, state and local government agencies are increasingly attractive targets for cyber-attacks. These cyber offenders continue to grow bolder, more capable and better funded over time.

Government agencies are under intense pressure to be constantly vigilant against cyber threats and attacks, establishing vigorous information security defenses, while demonstrating compliance with numerous standards and regulations.

Heptagon has an in-depth history of working with federal agencies at every level. Our team serves the particular security needs of government agencies to protect their intricate networks against ongoing threats from their adversaries.

Heptagon has assisted multiple federal agencies in increasing security by decreasing the threat surface attack area. We utilized tools to increase security by performing Secure Socket Layer (SSL) decryption and deep packet inspection at the boundaries, stopping intruders before they penetrate the network. Heptagon assists our customers with locking down endpoints and critical systems, and arms them with the most advanced tools to hunt down threats at the host level, where the “bomb” typically goes off.

In short, Heptagon defends your information against attack.

Internet data breach

Why Heptagon?

Our extensive knowledge of information technology means we can provide your company with a faster, cost-effective solution, because we understand the big picture – and the bottom line.

Because we employ only the best individuals in their respective areas of technology, there is no IT challenge Heptagon cannot tackle. Our team has the experience to provide enterprise network solutions for any type of business or government entity. From engineering and implementation to operations, we support your project from beginning to end.

Our reputation speaks for itself – we solve the tough problems in order to satisfy our customers’ needs.

We understand the big picture and the bottom line.

Meet Our Team

The Heptagon Information Technology team works tirelessly to ensure your business or organization is protected.
Darrell Gray
Founding Member, CEO and Principal Engineer
Founding Member, CEO and Principal Engineer Darrell is a graduate of the University of Phoenix, and has worked in the IT field for almost two...
Darrell Jones
Founding Member, COO and Principal Engineer
Founding Member, COO and Principal Engineer Darrell has a diverse background in network engineering and unified communications. He is currently a...
Richard (Rich) Ryan
Founding Member, CFO and Principal Engineer
Founding Member, CFO and Principal Engineer Rich is an Air Force veteran with more than 25 years practical, hands-on experience in the Information...
Brenden Landry
Founding Member, CIO and Principal Engineer
Founding Member, CIO and Principal Engineer Brenden was introduced to the Information Technology field while Active Duty in the United States Air...
Heath Popham
Founding Member, CTO and Principal Engineer
Founding Member, CTO and Principal Engineer Heath has been supporting the United States Air Force (USAF) for more than 10 years on enterprise...
Paul Notareschi
Founding Member, CWO and Principal Engineer
Founding Member, CWO and Principal Engineer Paul holds many professional level vendor certifications for network and security, and he also...
Lamar Connally
Founding Member, FSO and Principal Engineer
Founding Member, FSO and Principal Engineer Lamar has almost 20 years of DoD IT experience. He entered the United States Marine Corps in 1998...

“Whether it is critical customer information, proprietary innovation, or your overall business reputation, at Heptagon we understand a lot is riding on the security and availability of your IT systems.”

Darrell JonesHeptagon IT COO and Principal Engineer

“Your expertise, commitment and dedication directly contributed to the total success of the highly complex and critical Kunsan Air Base, Korea, Combined Communications Facility (CCF) project in such a demanding schedule. Thanks for your outstanding service!"

Steve CoughlanVice President, Global Solutions Division

“It is much simpler to try and understand a customer’s issues, concerns, and what you can do to help them in the beginning, rather than assuming you know what they want and trying to fix a broken relationship later. At Heptagon, we always try to put ourselves in the customer’s position in order to try and determine the best way forward working with them.”

Darrell GrayHeptagon IT Founding Member and CEO