Heptagon Information Technology, LLC (HIT) is a Veteran-Owned small business that was established in 2014. We are a respected Federal, State, and Commercial Enterprise Network and Cybersecurity Engineering provider that focuses on large-scale enterprise implementations. HIT has developed an outstanding reputation for delivering enterprise-class solutions, unparalleled support, and timely, cost-effective implementations. Our commitment to providing the best IT solutions is anchored by our fundamental system design principles and years of experience.

About Us

We understand technology management can be complicated, so our goal is simple: ensuring your technology is secure and protected.

Our experts are dedicated to achieving that goal through a wide array of services. When you’re ready to take your IT needs to the next level, Heptagon Information Technology has the IT professionals to get the job done.

Heptagon Group Picture

At Heptagon Information Technology, we understand that our customers’ reputation depends on the security and availability of their IT systems. We are fully committed to delivering Network Engineering, Cyber Security, and Unified Communications Services that provide both. We provide high-end, services for enterprise network engineering, cyber-security, and Unified Communications (UC) focusing on large-scale implementations. We also provide skilled technicians as staff augmentation to satisfy our clients’ recurring IT support needs.

Our Core Values


Our team eagerly takes on difficult challenges with an endless drive to achieve excellence for our customers. Heptagon’s team members are motivated to gain extensive knowledge of Information Technology. Our Subject Matter Experts are well-versed within their disciplines and work efficiently.


Our team has a foundation of operations and customer support with the discipline of taking no shortcuts. This discipline was gained through years of enterprise experience and meticulous attention to detail and serves as our groundwork to further Heptagon’s commitment of providing Information Technology engineering support and be considered the best in the business. We believe a disciplined mindset is critical to Heptagons continued success.


Our team values, seeing the big picture, and understanding customer requirements are essential to providing the most cost-effective support. Heptagon invests in the growth of our Subject Matter Experts in their technical fields. We combine the technical depth of our experts’ fields of study which allows us to iron out any inconsistencies and quickly draw out the big picture.