Team Leads

Team Leads

Meet Our Team

The Heptagon Information Technology team works tirelessly to ensure your business or organization is protected.
Zach Camp
Principal Engineer
Principal Engineer Zach holds many professional level vendor certifications for network and security, and he also maintains a ForeScout FSCE. With...
Phillip (Phil) Williams
Cyber Analytics Director
Cyber Analytics Director Phil has been obsessed with technology and computing since the early nineties. He spent years building gaming rigs and...
Darrell Jones
Founding Member and Unified Communications Director
Founding Member and Unified Communications Director Darrell has a diverse background in network engineering and unified communications. He is...
Lamar Connally
Founding Member, FSO and Principal Engineer
Founding Member, FSO and Principal Engineer Lamar has almost 20 years of DoD IT experience. He entered the United States Marine Corps in 1998...

"Heptagon exists to enable our customers to maintain full availability of their IT systems while experiencing protection of their Intellectual Property."

Heptagon Founders

We DRIVE to be professionals with unparalleled skills and advanced technical knowledge.


“Your expertise, commitment and dedication directly contributed to the total success of the highly complex and critical Kunsan Air Base, Korea, Combined Communications Facility (CCF) project in such a demanding schedule. Thanks for your outstanding service!"

Steve CoughlanVice President, Global Solutions Division