AppGate University

AppGate has a lot of free training and certification to check out on Zero Trust.

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Cisco Learning Network

Cisco has some free training and updates often for new tech.

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ExtraHop training is free to those who register has a Heptagon Employee.

Register as a customer. Make sure to use your Heptagon email address:

Once completed and verified use this link to login and access all of ExtraHop’s free training.


Gigamon On-Line Training

Partnered with Gigamon which gives us access to all of their on-line training.

Resister for access (Use Heptagon IT):


Netscout Partner Training

Have access to partner training from Netscout from contract support.

Inquire with your team lead for more info and register here

(Support Account can be updated for contract support and training access)


Palo Alto Education

Palo Alto offers some free training for professional development.

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