How We Work

How We Work

Our four-phase approach to cyber security ensures successful implementation.

At Heptagon, our objective is to expand our understanding and knowledge of the latest innovations and developments in data networking to ensure that our clients maintain and improve their requirements and capabilities.  Our team is comprised of experts in their respective disciplines.

Government and business enterprises turn to our experts with the complicated task of network and cyber security monitoring, management, and troubleshooting.  We analyze customer requirements and develop solutions that fully satisfy those requirements. Our solutions are always customer driven and derived from the requirements and capabilities expected by the clients. We will guide them to the solution and best technologies that fits their needs.

We practice a four-phase approach to cyber security. When our clients become highly effective at each lower level phase, the higher-level phases can then be implemented successfully.

Heptagon Phases

Business Process Analysis/Critical Data Identification – We review your business processes and identify the types of critical data stored within your infrastructure.
Infrastructure Remediation – Simply put, we identify gaps in routine system maintenance and help automate the time-consuming software patching and upgrade cycles. This frees up your internal IT Staff to focus on tasks that cannot be automated.
Audit Passive Defenses – We make sure firewalls, anti-malware, anti-virus, intrusion detection and intrusion prevention are being used to the full extent of their capability.
Implement Active Defenses – We create a custom active defense strategy and train your internal IT staff to identify active threats and make quick decisions to neutralize those threats.

We have the DEPTH to understand our customers' issues, concerns and what we can do to help.


"Heptagon exists to enable our customers to maintain full availability of their IT systems while experiencing protection of their Intellectual Property."

Heptagon Founders

We DRIVE to be professionals with unparalleled skills and advanced technical knowledge.