Our experts secure and protect your technology.

At Heptagon IT, we recognize that while technology management can be complicated, our goal is simple: ensuring your technology is secure and protected. Our team of experts is dedicated to achieving that goal through a wide array of cyber security services.

Enterprise design, engineering and implementation

Simply put, we analyze your technology needs and come up with the best solution for you and your business. We develop the plan to implement all design changes, complete with documentation to keep your team in the loop.

Hardware Installations

We can install or help your team install any type of hardware needed, from simple computer set up to complex servers, routers and more.

Security and Information Assurance

Our security experts understand firewalls and their inspection to ensure your privileged information is kept safe.

Monitoring, management and troubleshooting

We identify and troubleshoot a wide range of network issues, including physical layer issues, routing/switching, network security, Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and applications. In short, we monitor so you can go about your business.

Asset Management

At Heptagon, we leverage information systems that support management of your organization’s assets, both physical or tangible and non-physical or intangible.

Network Assessments

We understand networks big and small, and can recommend upgrades or changes that will bring your equipment up to industry standards.

information technology

“We won’t sit idly by while a crime is committed in the real world. So why should we when it happens in cyber space?”

-Max Maucus, former United States Senator and U.S. Ambassador to China

“Your expertise, commitment and dedication directly contributed to the total success of the highly complex and critical Kunsan Air Base, Korea, Combined Communications Facility (CCF) project in such a demanding schedule. Thanks for your outstanding service!"

Steve CoughlanVice President, Global Solutions Division

“Whether it is critical customer information, proprietary innovation, or your overall business reputation, at Heptagon we understand a lot is riding on the security and availability of your IT systems.”

Darrell JonesHeptagon IT CEO and Principal Engineer