Cyber Analytics Director

Phil has been obsessed with technology and computing since the early nineties. He spent years building gaming rigs and business computers for friends and family before taking his first IT role at a small computer company in Alabama as a bench technician. In that role he was introduced, over the next few years, to colleagues in government contracting roles and worked to secure a position as an analyst supporting the Air Force network.  He has provided performance, security, and operational analysis to many organizations within the Air Force and other DOD agencies for the last 17+ years.  Phil also has worked as a solutions consultant with Splunk and ServiceNow engaging with both DOD and commercial entities and provided insight on how to make actionable intelligence from large amounts of human and machine generated data.  Phil has a passion for helping others see the value of data within their organization and how it can be used for many purposes to both protect and enhance their mission objectives.

Originally from Chattanooga, TN, Phil lives in Lebanon, TN, with his wife and 6 children. Two of their children were internationally adopted with special needs.  Their family is actively involved in advocacy for orphans, both internationally and domestic, and in educating families in how to adopt and care for special needs children, especially blind children.

“It does not matter how much information you have at your fingertips if you do not have the tools, experience, and motivation to properly interpret the data and turn it into actionable intelligence.  This is as true for the realm of cybersecurity as it is for any other aspect of information technology today.  The most successful organizations in the years ahead will be those who transition to a digital landscape and then become intentional about using that data to the fullest extent.”

-Phil Williams